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The Automotive Industry is Back and Ready to Hire
New Recruitment Methods Put Franchises Behind the Wheel

BY MARYELLEN ADAMS, EMPLOYMENT NETWORK – It’s been a tough couple of years, but things are looking up in the automotive retail industry. According
to hiring data from, which provides business intelligence for staffing, HR, and others watching employment trends, hiring needs within the auto sector have, in fact, been revving up.

There were about 26,000 jobs posted for the auto sector, nationally, in the past 90 days, which is 11 percent more than last year, according to Wanted Analytics. The job listings include everything from mechanics, technicians, and engineers, to marketing, sales, administrative, and more.

What does that mean for auto franchises? More than ever, recruiting talented workers is a top priority, which is why many are turning to some new ways to reach prospective hires. From social networking on sites like LinkedIn to on-campus in-person recruiting and online lead generation, which enables companies to pay only per qualified applicant, auto franchises are test-driving a variety of new recruitment strategies.

As dealers navigate the hiring road ahead, take a look at some benefits of a Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) campaign:
In a marketing campaign that targets the specific pool of talent dealers want to reach, as opposed to a broad, general mass market, dealers connect with active job seekers who have the skills and interest required to succeed.

Interested applicants get all the information they need on openings, submit their information, then employers can connect in real time with those most qualified for the position.

A CPA recruitment campaign helps provide dealers with a roadmap. Unlike a traditional classified ad, a CPA gives dealers the ability to track the interest of prospective employees in real time, so they can quickly get in touch and take the next steps in the hiring process before another employer strikes.

CPA is cost efficient, because dealers are only paying for actual recruitment leads that come in, not for an arbitrary amount of advertising space, a monthly fee, or an estimated number of eyeballs that might see their listing. In other words, dealers can use their recruitment budget more wisely. Employment Network, a New York-based online recruitment and marketing company, has seen tremendous traction with the CPA method of online recruitment in many industries. It is a recruitment tool that is just beginning to find its way into the automotive sector.

When setting up a personalized CPA campaign, the hiring company picks their own parameters and filters out candidates according to their needs. The best CPA services enable employers to target by geographic location, age, or specific skill sets. While traditional classified ads and basic online job postings will always be around, online lead generation is becoming a more popular method for finding quality talent that will propel dealerships forward.

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